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Travel Tips

Make sure that your passport is valid (note: in some countries, a foreign passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry);
Apply for the required visa (note: in some countries a visa is placed at the airport upon arrival);
Adhere to the rules for passing customs control.

Make sure that your driver’s license is recognized and will be valid in the country you are going to (note: often when renting a car there are age restrictions);Check the power supply voltage in the country of travel, if necessary, take an adapter with you;

Find out the cost of access to the Internet and the cost of telephone calls.

Consult a doctor or find out on the Internet which vaccines you may need and what safety measures should be taken when entering the country
Do not forget to take the medications that you usually take with you;
Prepare the first aid kit by consulting with a doctor or pharmacist in the pharmacy.