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Teen Tour

Teen Tour


Day 1:

Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. Transfer to hotel. Welcome dinner at a traditional Armenian restaurant and meeting with the tour coordinator.

  • Arrival at the Airport
  • Hotel accommodation(3*)
  • Dinner at the hotel restaurant
  • Meeting with the tour coordinator

Day 2:

Travel to the city of Echmiadzin to visit the Echmiazdin Cathedral – the seat of Catholicos built in 301 AD. Visit the National Museum of Armenian Ethnograpy in Sardarapat. Return to Yerevan for a walking tour in the city center. Continue to Quest room (Harry Potter) – room escape games in Yerevan.

  • Mother Cathedral of St. Echmiadzin
  • Museum of Sardarapat
  • Walking tour around Yerevan city center
  • Quest room – “Harry Potter”

Day 3:

Travel to Gyumri – the capital of Shirak province and the second largest city of Armenia. Visit the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of National Architecture, then on to Cobweb Art gallery. Continue to Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. Explore the Varpetats Street (Master’s street). Then, participate in Blacksmithing Master Class.

  • Gyumri
  • Dzitoghtsyan museum
  • Cobweb Art gallery
  • Tumo Center of Creative Technologies
  • Varpetats street
  • Blacksmithing Master class

Day 4:

Travel to beautiful alpine Lake Sevan set at an altitute of 1,900m above the sea level. Visit 9th century Sevanavank Monastery (meaning Sevan Monastery) located on the peninsula of Lake Sevan. Continue to Dilijan National Park and hike to 12th centuruy Juxtak Monastery hidden in the mountains.

  • Sevan Lake
  • Sevanavank Monastery
  • Dilijan National Park
  • Juxtak Monastery

Day 5:

Travel to village Garni to see the pagan temple of Garni built in the first century A D. Take part in “Lavash” baking Masterclass. Continue to 4th century Geghard monastery. Return to Yerevan and visit the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex.  Ride a bicycle to the Loft – one of the best places for youth to enjoy leisure time.

    gg_li]Garni Pagan Temple[/gg_li]

  • Lavash baking Master class
  • Geghard Monastery
  • The Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex
  • Bicycle ride to the Loft

Day 6:

Travel to Aragats Mountain for a picnic. Continue to village Oshakan and visit the burial place of Mesrop Mashtots – the creator of Armenian alphabet in 401 A D. Continue to Byurakan Observatory founded in 1946 and managed by the Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

  • Aragats mountain
  • Picnic in the mountains
  • Oshakan
  • Byurakan observatory

Day 7:

Walk to Vernissage – the largest open-air craft market to pick modern and Soviet era souvenirs. Continue to GUM market to find Armenian traditional  sweet “sudjukh” (a string of sirup-coated large walnuts, dry fruits, “Alani” (dried peaches stuffed with ground walnut and spices) and many more. Continue shopping at Dalma Garden Mall.

  • Vernissage
  • GUM Market
  • Dalma Garden Mall

Day 8:

Departure. Transfer to the Airport.

  • Departure to the Airport

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