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Kari Lake

Lake Kari (Lake Qari, Armenian: Քարի լիճ) is a lake in Armenia located in the slopes of Mount Aragats mostly formed by ice and snow. It is located 3,190 m above the sea level and has a perimeter of 1,150 m. From Byurakan village an asphalted automobile road stretches towards the source of Arkashen River, the lake Kari, located on a plateau below the peaks. On the eastern side of the lake there is a meteorological station.Lake Kari

It is a pleasure to see everything. Above you there is the sky only. You feel air, colours around you and you want only to dissolve in the nature.

Kari Lake is a site of tremendous beauty located in Armenia. It is a must visit location in the country. On a trip to Armenia, you have to visit this mesmerizing lake.

Kari Lake, ArmeniaIt has an elevation of 3,190 m above the sea level. The net area of the lake is around 1,150 m. The best time to visit this lake when it is snowing, as you can experience the full glory of its icy beauty. The picturesque surroundings will take your breath away. Visit this lake for an unforgettable experience.
It is worth seeing and trying khash there.

When you go up you do not feel where are you. You only see clouds. And the final view is the beautiful lake!