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DilijanThe city of Dilijan, surrounded by Lesser Caucasus mountain range, lies in the northeastern part of Armenia and is one of the most popular health resorts, where Armenians like to spend their holidays. One of the most valuable natural resources is Dilijan State National Park and its forests that cover over 34,000 hectares, which makes the landscape exclusive and the air healing, while Aghstev River with its tributaries provides peculiar charm to the general town landscape.

First settlements in Dilijan date back to Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages. In the 4th century CE, this area served as hunting  and resting place for Armenian kings

Even though Dilijan is relatively a small town – there are many attractions for travelers.

Shamberyan Street, DilijanThe historic Shamberyan Street in quaint Old Town date  back to early 19th century. Here you can spot “Dilijanian” style architecture: gable roofs, patterned balconies, and whitewashed walls. Lake Parz (Clear) with its clear waters and a mirror-like surface is nestled among lush trees – green in the summer and golden-orange in the fall. Haghartsin Monastery (XIII) hidden in the woods, where you can get away from the bustle of today’s life. Goshavank Monastery(XII-XIII), named after a famous scholar&priest, Mkhitar Gosh, is a harmonious and mysterious group of structures. Jukhtak Vank (XI-XII) (Twin Monasteries) are two small churches situated in a clearing within the National Park. And not far from them the ruins of Matosavank (XIII), the architecture and khachkars (cross-stones) of which will simply take your breath away.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful to my delight! It seems that mountains envelop and guard this valley with animated love and tenderness. At a height of 1500 meters, the air is unusually transparent and seems to be colored by dark-blue shade. The most striking impression of the valley is its gentleness…” ~ Maksim Gorky.