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Dadivank Monastery

No matter if you get to Dadivank from Armenia via Kelbajar, or from Artsakh proper, you will see some beautiful scenery, especially nearer to the monastery where the road winds along a gorge with a river and beautiful forests.

The little turnoff for Dadivank will either take you right to it, or if you have a bus more likely a short walk under it. You approach the monastery from the same spot either way and you will see that it is impressive.


Then, as you start to wander you will see more and more including a very extensive lower level that many people don’t explore and more ruins above and around the main complex as well.

It is easy to climb around on the roof of the main complex, but be warned, there are at least two hidden holes that plunge a great distance to the church floors.

There are paths on the roof through the weeds growing and you should stick closely to these and walk carefully as the holes are nearby and can be easy to miss. Children should not be allowed to wander or run ahead.