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Medieval Fortress Amberd

We offer an amazing one day tour to Amberd – the largest fortress in Armenia located in Aragatsotn province (at the confluence of the Arkashen and Amberd rivers) at an altitude of 2,300 meters. The fortress was built in the 7th century for a noble Armenian family, but destroyed by Mongols in 1236. The remains of the fortress were abandoned for a long time until it became an archeological site in the 20th century.

Medieval Fortress Amberd

The excavations revealed that the interior of the three story Amberd fortress used to have lavishly decorated reception room and private rooms for its residents. The walls of the fortress were made of thick basalt blocks served to protect the residents from shells and siege weapons. A bath house built in the 11th century is located south of the fortress. Interestingly, the bathhouse used a hypocaust system-a medieval central heating system that heated the walls and the floors below the rooms with pipes through which the hot air passed. The fortress had a 5km long terracotta water pipeline connected to a reservoir that collected spring water and melted snow from the mountains. Further archeological excavations also revealed multiple underground walkways leading to rivers.

Fortress Amberd

Below the fortress one can visit the medieval Vahramashen Surb Astvatsastin church built for Prince Vahram Pahlavuni in 1026 and named in his honor.

The fortress of Amberd is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a place to admire the breathtaking view from above. For those visiting the fortress in May and June, the area looks especially attractive as mother nature weaves a beautiful carpet of red poppies, geranium and rare flower blooms around the fortress.

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