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Tours to Georgia

Georgia is surrounded by so many different cultures and therefore got all the good qualities from each neighbor. It’s a great mix and you can see a lot of those attributes everywhere.

Coast has its charm. It’s the combination of the mountains and the sea just so close to each other. You can go skiing and two hours later you can lay at the beach and work on your tan.

A few fancy hotels, a nice beach walk and many colourful lights all over the city. A lot of young people come here to spend some nice times at the sea. The most come to relax or just to socialize. There are also a lot of good parties at the beach, don’t miss out on them…

Georgia is a pleasant mixture of everything interesting and enjoyable.

It’s always a great time to visit Georgia. From the mountains to the beaches, you’ll have endless opportunities to visit and explore some of the South’s most iconic destinations in Georgia.


Tour to Israel

Israel may be a tiny country, but the amount of sites it offers can make planning a trip an overwhelming endeavor. Don’t fret! We’ve combed through the country from east to west and north to south to bring you the definitive guide of not-to-be-missed attractions. From sandy beaches and archaeological sites, to bridal boutiques and food markets, you’ll never run out of things to do in Israel.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Masada marks the spot where 1,000 Jewish rebels entered one of the final episodes of the Great Revolt against Rome two millennia ago

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City of Jerusalem has been the cultural, religious and historical epicenter of the world for millennia.

One of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin, the Old City of Jaffa stands on a cliff that protrudes from the water, puncturing the Tel Aviv skyline.

The beautiful port city of Caesarea is known for its remarkable blend of ancient and new architecture.

No visit to Jerusalem is complete without a visit to the Kotel. Considered to be the holiest place for the Jewish faith, a short walk through the Old City of Jerusalem will lead you to this sacred site.


Outgoing Tours

Botox, Britney, burgers and Barack…what springs to mind?  The United States of America.  Mass media has brought the States to the world in the form of movies, songs, food and drink, dance and even the lingo but a visit to the US will fill you with so much more.  With 50 states to choose from there is enough here to keep any kind of traveller happy – from the awe-inspiring grand canyon, to the hustle and bustle of New York, or the bright lights and crazy nights of Las Vegas.

The culture of the United States – music, cinema, dance, architecture, literature, poetry, cuisine and the visual arts has infiltrated through many countries of the world through TV, cinema, radio, magazines and to a great extent, the internet. Singers such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears are known worldwide, as well as actors like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks, and sports figures like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Venus Williams.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all you’ll find for food in the states is fast and fatty!  But that’s not the case!  It is possible to avoid the fast food and have a good meal in the States and there are plenty of restaurants catering for all tastes.


outgoing Tours

Egypt welcomes you with its mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert  and with its long past and welcoming, story-loving people.

With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us.

The old saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile still rings true: without the river there would be no fertile land, no food and a lot less electricity. Although people’s lives are increasingly physically detached from the water, the Nile still exerts a uniquely powerful role. The river is also the perfect place from which to see many of the most spectacular ancient monuments, which is one reason why a Nile cruise remains such a popular way to travel.


Tour to UAE

Despite the fact that four-fifths of its land area is arid desert, the UAE is a country of contrasting landscapes. The UAE has 734 Km of coastline, 644 Km along the Arabian Gulf and 90 Km bordering the Gulf of Oman. Along the Arabian Gulf coast are offshore islands, coral reefs and salt marshes, whilst stretches of gravel plain and barren desert characterize the inland region.

The UAE lies in the arid tropical zone extending across Asia and North Africa. Climatic conditions in the area are strongly influenced by the Indian Ocean, since the country borders both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. This explains why high temperatures in summer are always accompanied by high humidity along the coast. There are noticeable variations in climate between the coastal regions, the deserts of the interior, and mountainous areas.

You can enjoy traveling to the country. You will open the new world of sunshine and happy moments.


outgoing tours

From east to west, Europe is a mixture of cultures, languages, heritage, architecture and customs all across the continent.  Travel in Europe has never been easier, more affordable or more convenient!

There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity.

Europe’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the Napoleonic splendor of Paris, and the multilayered historical and cultural canvas of London. Less obvious but no less impressive attractions include Moorish palaces in Andalucí.